• Thank you and watch this space

    By: morelife, on: 17 09 2017


    Thanks to everyone that attended MoreLife Camp 2017!


    It was a fantastic summer and we hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did and are continuing to work on your health and fitness goals now that camp has finished.


    Sarah and Natalie, MoreLife Camp 2017


    Details for MoreLife Summer Camp 2018 will be confirmed in the new year, please watch this space for further details.


    Thanks, Team MoreLife Camp


    MoreLife Camp 2017

  • It’s Never Too Early To Make a Change!

    By: morelife, on: 11 07 2017

    It’s now less than 2 weeks to go until MoreLife Camp begins!
    Starting to make changes to improve your lifestyle before Camp is great practice for the whole family and shows your child that you are committed to supporting them.


    One way that you can improve your diet is by increasing the amount of fruit and veg that you and your family eat. Sarah Tipping who will be doing a placement at Camp this year has put together this list of easy ways to get your 5 a day in to help you out…


    4 Easy Ways To Get Your 5 A Day In



     At Breakfast

    1. So let’s start with the first meal of the day: BREAKFAST! An easy way to get your 5 a day intake at breakfast is to add fruit to your cereal or porridge for example, a handful of mixed berries or a chopped banana. Even using dried fruit counts such as raisins or cranberries, however dried fruit can be higher in sugar so remember using fresh is best! Or if you’re fancying something different on a weekend add tomatoes or mushrooms into your scrambled eggs on toast!



    2. My second tip is SNACKING! This is an easy way to get extra energy as fruits and vegetables are a great source of carbohydrates. So swapping your packet of crisps for something like an apple will provide you with more goodness! Another tip when snacking is to combine it with a serving of protein – this could be a handful of nuts or even a boiled egg? Adding protein to your snacks will keep you fuller for longer!


    At Lunchtime

    3. Moving on to LUNCH – if you’re having a sandwich an easy way to add in fruits and vegetables is too add tomatoes or cucumber to your sandwich! Adding beans and lentils into soup or salad are also a great way to increase your 5 a day at lunch!


    At Dinner Time

    4. Finally, the last meal of the day DINNER! A very simple tip when trying to increase your fruit and vegetables intake at dinner is using frozen or tinned vegetables – such as adding carrots and tinned tomatoes into your spaghetti bolognese or mixing peas into your mashed potato! The possibilities are endless, so get creative!!


    So let’s Sum it all Together:

    The best thing to remember when thinking about 5 a day is VARIETY IS KEY and realistically most of us could do with eating more fruit and vegetables every day! Ultimately, the recommended amount for each portion of fruit or vegetables is 80g, however it’s understandable that this takes time to measure. Therefore, having around half your plate made up of vegetables or salad is an easy way to know that you are definitely getting your 5 a day!


    Still not reserved your child’s place? There’s still some places available, click here to book