Karl’s story

Karl joined us at MoreLife Camp when he was 13, weighing roughly 100kg.

Having broken his ankle a few year previously, Karl had rapidly gained weight through inactivity and overeating.

Before Camp, he had no knowledge of nutrition and portion sizes, and would eat snacks even when he wasn’t hungry.

Although he was nervous and a little homesick to begin with, he soon settled in and loved learning about a balanced diet. One of his favourite parts of Camp was learning about how to have a healthy diet and still live a normal life.

“We even had a trip to McDonald’s to test what we’d learned and whether we could make a healthier choice from the menu”


Along with gaining knowledge about food choices and nutrition, Karl also learned about the importance of exercise. This changed the whole direction of his life.

When Karl returned home from Camp, his confidence and fitness levels had improved significantly, resulting in a better performance on the rugby pitch and better relationships with his peers at school.

The love for exercise that Karl gained at Camp has stayed with him into adulthood. Now aged 26, Karl is a qualified personal trainer.