When he came to Camp Jordan weighed 119kg. Since leaving Camp Jordan’s approach to food and physical activity has completely changed and he now weighs in at 95 kg.

Before coming to MoreLife Camp Jordan didn’t really like to go out or to eat in public. He spent most of his free time staying at home playing Xbox and found meeting new people extremely difficult.

Jordan was nervous before Camp but found that he settled in quickly as everyone was in the same boat as him.

His favourite memories of his time Camp were all the team games and the trips activities such as canoeing. He also loved the food at Camp! Coming to Camp changed Jordan’s perspective on food entirely and the lessons he learnt about sugar, salt and portion sizes he still uses now. Before Camp he used to drink a bottle or two of fizzy drink a week but now he never drinks fizzy drinks and loves healthy nutritious meals like chicken, rice and salad.

Camp also changed Jordan’s approach to physical activity:

 “MoreLife Camp changed my life. Before I would never go to the gym and now I go every day. I also do running now – before Camp I would never run – my legs would stick together and it would hurt everywhere but now I really enjoy running.”

Since adopting a new healthy lifestyle Jordan feels so much happier in himself and is much more confident, particularly when meeting new people. As well as this, he is now a qualified Personal Trainer, something that he would never have dreamed of before Camp! He passes the lessons that he learnt at Camp on to his clients and advises those who are just starting out on their fitness journey;

Never give up- you won’t see results the next day but stick to it for a few months and you will see results!”