Hamid’s story

Hamid weighed approximately 100kg when he first came to MoreLife Camp as a child. He thinks his time at Camp put him on a new path in life.

Before coming to Camp, Hamid struggled to control his portions.

Although he had delicious, homemade meals at home, they were often high in calories and his mum would regularly allow him to have a second serving.

Hamid also wasn’t getting enough physical activity to burn off the energy. He would often spend his evening sat on the sofa, eating in front the TV.

Being at Camp meant he was surrounded by similar children who he could relate to, and he gained a love of exercise. When he returned home, he joined a football team and would spend a lot more time outside, running around or playing football.

Hamid also learnt about nutrition at camp.

“Being there taught me that although no food is off limits, too much of anything will cause you to gain weight”.

Importantly, Hamid’s family were also invited to spend a weekend at the camp to learn about portion sizes and Hamid’s nutritional needs. This meant that when he returned home, his mum knew to only serve one, average-sized portion at mealtimes.

Now, Hamid is a healthy weight for his height and age. He has also excelled academically and thinks his time at Camp changed his life.

“Had I not been to camp I’m certain I’d still be … heading for a whole load of serious health problems.”