Bella’s story

When Bella first arrived at Camp, she was 13 and weighed 97.9kg.

Although she loved sports and played both hockey and netball, Bella struggled to make healthy food choices. She would always choose cake over fruit, and would regularly snack on crisps, chocolate and biscuits in between meals.

Bella was excited to attend Camp so she could continue playing sport in the school holidays. However, it was the curriculum that really changed Bella’s life.

Activities like comparing her usual portion of cereal with the 40g recommended portion, and learning to understand food labels, helped to change her perspective on food. She used these lessons to make small, positive changes to her diet, like giving up flavoured water.

“I used to drink lots of flavoured water and was horrified to learn that it’s full of sugar”.


To this day, Bella still draws on what she learnt at Camp, and thinks her time at Camp saved her from a lifetime of fad diets.

“My camp education is ingrained in my brain so whenever I make food choices I consider the nutritional value and sugar content”


She is now 21 and is planning to train as PE teacher!