Life After Camp

“The follow-on support that Chelsea has received has been outstanding. It’s also nice to know I can ring MoreLife for support from the staff.”

What happens when Camp ends?

The last day of Camp is full of laughter and excitement at seeing family and friends. We encourage campers to make a video of their experience and there’s quite a bit of messing about as we say our goodbyes.

But Camp doesn’t end there. Our follow-on support is second to none. The majority of campers will have lost a significant amount of weight and we want to make sure the weight loss journey continues long after everyone’s gone home.

Each year, we encourage everyone to join our online service, MoreLife Online, where campers can log-in to monitor their weight goals and activity levels, and continue to benefit from advice on fitness and nutrition.

We also run two ‘closed’ MoreLife Facebook pages: one for campers and one for parents. Each group can share experiences, questions and thoughts with peers and our staff, who monitor each site and help with follow-up information and questions.

​When you leave MoreLife Camp, children will be armed with the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry on with their new, healthy lifestyle at home. But even with all the great things they’ve learned, we know that there can still be a temptation to fall into old habits. This is why we continue supporting campers for the rest of the year.



For the first three months after Camp, children will receive weekly phone calls from a member of MoreLife staff to talk about progress and provide advice and support. Campers can also text, email and Facebook our MoreLife advisers for help and advice.



​MoreLife Online is a unique service that allows campers to complete a 12-week MoreLife refresher course from the comfort of their own home. As well as the refresher course, there are tools for setting goals and monitoring activity and eating behaviours. There’s also a panel of experts on hand to answer questions and advise on the best ways to stay healthy.

“After camp, I had a few ‘fat days’ when I binged on unhealthy food. It was so good to be able to speak to the staff about this."