Friendship & Team Building

“Three years later, I still see a lot of the friends I made on Camp. We all went paintballing together in the summer.”

Coming to a MoreLife Camp for the first time can be daunting for any child, no matter how confident.

Our aim is to create a relaxed ‘family’ environment, where our campers feel at home and make new friends – often for life.

We know how important friendship is for kids on Camp. Being overweight can be isolating and lonely. Opportunities to build peer support structures and friendship with others in a similar position are vital. This is one of the reasons our programme is so successful.

All of our activities encourage socialising, team-building and making friends. Some of these include:


The whole Camp is split into two teams – the blue team and the red team. This gives kids time to socialise with those in different groups. There are weekly competitions, like capture the flag and treasure hunts, where team members can win points. The winning team scoops the colour wars trophy at the end of Camp to huge applause!


We run lots of team-building activities, including orienteering, tower building, crafts, egg drop and more.


These sessions focus on building self-esteem and body confidence. Using a range of techniques, we demonstrate different ways to feel confident and help children support themselves and others in challenging situations. This session is a real favourite on Camp.

“It’s great to see Adam finding it a lot easier to make friends since his time on Camp. He has a lovely group of friends now and is much more outgoing.”