Fitness & Fun

“Getting more active helped me lose weight, get fit and feel good!”

Remember everyone at Camp is in the same boat, so you can have fun in a supportive environment where the main aim is to enjoy yourself with new-found friends and try your best!

You will get the chance to take part in lots of different activities you may never have tried before; from dodgeball to kick-boxing and rounders to synchronised swimming! Not to mention Camp games that have been created by past campers. We make sure all our activities are suitable and most will be readily available for children to carry on when they get home.

Katie’s story

Last year, 13 year-old Katie attended MoreLife Camp. When it came to swimming, she felt nervous. It was something she had never been able to do before. She was overweight and was embarrassed at the local pool in front of her friends. At Camp, MoreLife staff helped Katie overcome her fears. By the end of the five-week Camp, Katie could swim two lengths of our pool – that’s 50 metres.

“I’m pretty sure the group leads remember that rugby session where you pushed me to try, for that I am so, so grateful!”