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“MoreLife run Europe’s longest-running weight loss camp for children but that’s not all…”

MoreLife was born from the vision of one man: Professor Paul Gately.

He believed obesity should be addressed differently from how US-Style ‘Fat Camps’ tackled the issue.

He didn’t believe in a strict ‘boot camp’ regime. For him, it was about creating a safe environment where people can explore their attitudes towards food, activity and lifestyles, and gain a better understanding of how to make positive steps towards a healthier future.


It isn’t about what people can lose; it’s more about what they can gain.

Professor Gately says;

“After working on an American weight loss camp, it occurred to me that the traditional view of weight loss was wrong. Its focus was negative, denying people the foods they like and pushing them to do exercise they don’t.

Traditional solutions also seemed to completely ignore why people overeat or are inactive. I decided that there must be a better way. Now, at MoreLife, we’ve developed a very different approach using the latest scientific knowhow and bags of real experience. 

Our research and experience showed us that it was important to consider the needs of the people we work with, and focus on giving them the tools, support and knowledge they need to tackle their own weight issues. As I look at our results, it shows we were right, our clients lose weight and most keep it off.”

Following the success of the MoreLife summer camp, the company expanded by offering children’s and family clubs throughout the year in community centres across the UK. The company also offers adult group programmes, as well as in-house weight management sessions for corporate businesses looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

For more information on adult and community-club programmes in your area, please visit


Our Staff at MoreLife Camp

Every year we have a fantastic team of staff join us at camp. Many of them come back year after year.

Here are some of the people you can expect to be part of the team at MoreLife Camp in 2019:

Professor Paul Gately – Founder

Professor Paul Gately founded MoreLife Summer Camp in 1999. He continues to be involved in camp every year and you’ll often see him cheering on campers during the 2 mile challenge.

Our Camp is a unique programme in the UK for addressing childhood obesity. Getting children to a controlled environment where they can learn and see for themselves how to eat healthily and get active is hugely important. Each year I am always amazed by the determination and ability of these young people to lose an incredible amount of weight.


Kat Willson – Camp Lead

Kat Willson joined the MoreLife team in December 2016 as a Children’s Services Programme Co-ordinator working within Suffolk. Prior to this she studied Psychology (BSc) at university and then went onto working in several Special Educational Needs schools.

She leapt at the opportunity to become Camp Lead when camp moved to Woodbridge for Summer 2019. This is her first year at camp and is extremely excited to get stuck in and provide a fun, enjoyable and educational experience for all.

 “Ever since I started working with MoreLife, I have devoted myself to helping children, young people and families to make healthy changes and feel good about themselves. Seeing the growing confidence, enthusiasm and drive of those children following the MoreLife programme and reaching their goals makes me feel like a proud mother hen. It’s not just my job, it’s my passion.”



If you want to make a difference to the lives of overweight and obese children, have fun, make new friends and take on a challenging but rewarding experience, get in touch.

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