“Thank you MoreLife! My son has come back after 3 weeks with a weight loss of 7 lb. I’m amazed at the changes in him, I’d recommend camp to anyone.”

As a parent or guardian, we know how much you care about your child and their future. MoreLife Camp is a safe, enjoyable environment and will give your child the opportunity to lose weight in an effective way that will also build confidence.


See our FAQs below for common questions

Need to know more? Why not give us a call on 0113 812 5233 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5:30pm) and we’ll be happy to help.


Here’s what MoreLife Campers have achieved in recent years:

– Since 2013, we’ve helped 200 kids lose an average
of a stone in 5 weeks
– 2-4 lbs. of weight loss per week
– 0.5 reduction in BMI per week
– 5% reduction of body fat
– 20% increase in self-esteem
– 20% increase in fitness level
– Huge increase in confidence


Your questions answered:

Q. How many children go to MoreLife Camp each year?

Every year is different. Some years we can have 60, some years we can have 160. On 2015’s camp, we had 85 children join us.

Q. Does my child need any special clothing or equipment to take to Camp?

No, we provide any specialist equipment required. Once you have booked a place on camp we send a detailed booklet informing parents and guardians of what a child needs to bring with them.

Q. I’d like to send my child to Camp but am not sure I can afford it. What advice do you have on funding?

Please call us on 0113 812 5233 for advice on funding a place on Camp. The advice we give you will depend on where you live. We can give you ideas and help that other parents have tried in the past. Unfortunately, we are not able to give discounts or offer any grants towards the cost.

Q. Do you have any grants that I can apply for to help pay for the cost?

Unfortunately not. However, please call us on 0113 812 5233 as we may be able to give you help on the funding options available in your area.

Q. Are your staff CRB checked and trained?

All staff are CRB/DBS checked before they start working on the programme. They already have, or are studying towards, qualifications in nutrition, dietetics, sport and exercise science, teaching, psychology or a similar field. They also participate in a week-long intensive training programme, on the job training, regular observations, weekly appraisals and daily and weekly team meetings. Staff also have first aid qualifications, lifeguard qualifications and coaching qualifications.

Q. Is your Camp inspected by Ofsted?

No. Our services don’t fall under Ofsted requirements. However, we do abide by National Institute of Clinical Excellence, Department of Health and Public Health England guidelines for weight management services. We are also commissioned by and deliver services to the NHS and local authorities across the country. Alongside this, MoreLife Camp was recognised in the foresight report and the chief executive of the NHS report as a model of good practice. It was also accredited by the Department of Health in 2009 as a model of choice, having gone through a rigorous evaluation process and it adheres to NICE guidelines.

Q. What are the dates of the 2017 Camp?

Sunday 23th July – Saturday 26th August 2017

Q. Can my child come for a short break or a week at Camp?

The minimum booking period for a place on Camp is two weeks, either as a residential or day camper. This is the minimum time that we feel will be effective to help a child start to achieve weight-loss goals. However, we know that the longer a child is able to stay with us on camp, the better the longer-term impact and results will be.

Q. I’d like to talk to someone over the phone to find out more information. Who do I call?

Please call the MoreLife Camp office on 0113 812 5233 and one of our friendly operatives will assist you.

Q. Will my child be forced to do activities they don’t want to do?

No, no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do. However, they will be encouraged to try new activities and improve their fitness levels. Our staff always work with children on a one-to-one basis to understand any specific worries or concerns about a particular exercise and help them overcome this.

Parents Weekend

Every year, half way through the five-week camp, we invite parents or family friends to come and spend time with their children on camp. This will be your opportunity to see how your children have got on. You’ll meet the staff and we’ll hold workshops to show you exactly what we’ve been doing on camp, plus we’ll be running some group activities for the whole family to benefit on when you get home.

“Last year’s campers lost between two and six pounds per week.”