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MoreLife Summer Camp 2017 will run from
Sunday 23rd July – Saturday 26th August

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There are a number of options you can choose from when booking your stay at MoreLife Summer Camp. You can stay with us overnight, or just stay during the day.
The minimum stay is 2 weeks for both residential and day campers.


2017 Early Bird Residential Prices:

5 Week All Inclusive Stay – £4250

A five-week stay at MoreLife Camp is a life-changing experience. Over the course of one summer, you’ll lose loads of weight and learn lessons that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Our five-week campers typically lose up to 2lbs per week during Camp, and 96% maintain or lose more weight after Camp!

4 Week All Inclusive Stay – £3500

Many campers choose to stay at Camp for a month over the summer holidays. You’ll see loads of great benefits in 4 weeks, losing around 8lbs, making some new friends and trying loads of new activities that you can continue once you get home!

3 Week All Inclusive Stay – £2850

A three-week stay at Camp is loads of fun. You’ll get to take part in three different trip days and theme nights, as well as countless games, activity sessions and lifestyle classes. Our campers often stay in touch after Camp through our private Facebook group, so support and friendships carry on long after Camp has finished!

2 Week All Inclusive Stay – £1980

Some campers choose to stay for as little as two weeks at MoreLife Camp, and still see loads of great benefits. Campers who come for a fortnight learn some new sports and lifestyle habits that help them lose weight and get healthy for the future.


2017 Early Bird Day Camp Prices:

Day Camp per week – £299 (minimum booking is 2 weeks)

Breakfast – £10 per day

Evening package – £19.95 per day

Overnight package – £69.99 per night


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“I had such a great 4 weeks at Camp. It was so good that I had no choice but to stay for an extra week!”